Saturday, January 8, 2011

Intalio : how to deploy a process as an archive (without designer)


Though deploying a process from the Intalio Designer is really straightforward (done in 1 click once the project is appropriately configured), one might need to be able to deploy a process without the Designer.

Step 1 : creating an archive from the process project

From the Explorer View in the Intalio Designer, click on the project you want to deploy to select it. Then, click on the button with the gear icon to open the process configuration page.

On the configuration page, check the "Archive the bundle" box : 
The "Archive the bundle" option specifies that a zip archive on the project will be created. The possible options are :
  • only deploy
  • only archive
  • deploy + archive
Once you're ready with the configuration, click on the "Archive button" :

The Designer console will then display the path of the generated archive :

As you can see, the project is archived in a zip file and it is named accordingly with your project name.

Step 2 : deploying the archive

 The content of the archive is as such :

Simply unzip the archive in a directory that has the same name as your project, in the ...\intalio-bpms-\var\deploy directory.

Manually, you can simply copy the archive in the ...\intalio-bpms-\var\deploy directory and unzip it with the option "Extrat to yourProjectName".

Note that the Intalio server supports hot deployment and consequently, you can unzip the archive with the server running as well as stopped.


  1. Hi,
    Have you tried to create archive without designer ?


    1. I don't remember having tried to. Sorry, cannot help on this one...